90% of Munsters & Loonys and all the bands and DJs stay on site at Camping Arc De Bara resort. The site has everything you need. You can rent wooden Bungalows and cabins but there are also a few caravans to hire and there are plenty of tent spaces and van/bus/car parking spaces. Cabins can be as cheap as 15€ per person per night. There are lots of different cabins and all have a fridge and cooking facilities. There are big 2 floor bungalows and small 2 person cabins to choose from. All are very close to the main music area and the swimming pool.
These bungalows get booked very fast but if you are stuck without a cabin/bungalow then its no problem, there are 2 other resorts next door on either side so its just a couple minutes walk to these that are called "Park Playa Bara" and "Camping Stel"

All bungalows are equipped with beds, covers, pillows and blankets etc. There are cooking facilities and fridges in every bungalow, some of which have the cooker out on the veranda. Bungalow sizes from 2 person to 8 people. To book and check out the different types then visit their website link below.Just remember, a 4 person bungalow can not be booked for 2 people, you will be taking much needed room and beds from other people! you must have at least the number of beds as persons but you can always ask for extra beds and squeeze in more people!