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Garage Bands, Punk Bands, Rock Bands, Roll Bands

Bal Sting-Ray & the Goo Goo Mucks (UK) 

Bal & guitarist Mark from the original The STING-RAYS! together with Johnny (Cannibals/Vibes/Headcoats etc) Tim (X-men),  Debbie (X-Men, Nuns, Headcoatees etc) perform classic songs from the Sting-Rays + other 80's Trash, Psycho, Garage Gems.


Los Angeles Punk n Rollers that have toured the world and back again. Hi energy no messing Black Leather Rock n Roll at it's dirtiest.

The COURETTES (Denmark/Brazil)

Super Duper garage fuzz/60s girl group sensation from Brazil/Denmark hitting it BIG all over Europe. 

Tommy & the Commies (Canada)

No bullshit All out Mod Punk from Canada. Buzzcocks to Jam 77' punk in ya face!

 CATL (Canada)

Raw & Primitive Blues Trash from Canada. 

The Bitchwaves (Trashylvania)

two bat garage band. Baterella beats up the drums while Bitchlips Lovelylocks screams and trashes the guitar. 


Fuzztastic Garage Punk Surf Trash Psyche from France

Sloks (Italy)

Super Primitive Garage Punk, Desperate No-Wave, Trashed out Rock'n'roll  

VURRO (Spain)

Probably the nuttiest sound around, VURRO one cow band mega huge worldwide star and piano/keyboard virtuoso with a hard head. Do not miss!


Wild Manic Electro Punk with addictive tunes

from these new young Barcelona villains

Thee Gravemen (Sweden/Uk)

2 man garage blues trash spook rock n roll a la Screaming Lord Sutch/Cramps

Frank Castro super Trashy Sick Side Show extravaganza  (Germany/Spain)

Munster would not be the same without Frank Castros circus sideshow poolside on a saturday afternoon. Allways a jaw opener and ALWAYS a bloody good laugh! This time he is bringing his amazing free food machine and organizing the drunk olympics!


Wonderfully weird Punk Trash duo bringing non stop pogo hits to make sure you swing your bits.


Ultimate French FUZZZZZZ garage punk like it should sound.

Pogy et les Kéfars  (France)

Young French Garage Punk Power Pop Big Beats 

ALVILDA (France)

New young French Power Pop Girl Group a la Ronettes and Shangri Las


Friday 27th May:
20.00 The Bitchwaves 
21.00 Wylde Tryfles (France)
22.00 The Courettes (Brazil/Denmark)

23.00  After show music at the "Carpa" concert Marquee

23.00  All Girl DJ Crew spinning Vinyl at the "Bar-O-Tek" until Late

Saturday 28th May
13.00 Pool Party with 

Frank Castro Sick Trash SideShow 


VURRO (spain)

18.00 Thee Gravemen
19.00 HUMAN TOYS  
20.00 SLOKS (Italy)
21.00 Bal Sting-Ray & the Goo Goo Mucks (UK)
22.00 Tommy & the Commies (Canada)

23.00  after show music at the "Carpa" concert Marquee

23.00  All Girl DJ Crew spinning Vinyl at the "Bar-O-Tek" until Late

Sunday 29th May
16.00 Pogy et les Kéfars
17.00  ALVILDA (France)
18.00 CATL (Canada)

Frank Castros Trash Sideshow
19.00 DOUBLE CHEESE (France)

22.00  All Girl DJ Crew spinning Vinyl at the "Bar-O-Tek" until Late

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