Garage Bands, Punk Bands, Rock Bands, Roll Bands

Preliminary Schedule:

Friday 31st May:
21.00 Les Lullies (Fr)
22.00 The Wildebeests (uk)
23.00 Les Grys-Grys (Fr)

All Girl DJ Crew until Late

Saturday 1 June
14.00 Pool Party with 
Frank Castro Trash SideShow
+ The Bitchwaves

19.00 Mossén Bramit Morera i Els Morts (esp)
20.00 Ye Nuns (uk)
21.00 Thee Gravemen (sw/uk)
22.00 Ug & the Cavemen (uk)
23.00 Labretta Suede & the Motel 6 (Nz)

All Girl DJ Crew until Late

Sunday 2 June
16.00 Las Pésimas (esp)
17.00  (esp)
18.00 Toxenes (usa)
19.00 Abjects (uk)
20.00 The GHOST WOLVES (usa)
21.00 Glam Skanks (usa)

All Girl DJ Crew until Late

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