Old Times Pub is the re-born "restaurang old times" that was one of Kävlinges most important socialising places in the town for many years. After Nebojsa and Stana became pensioners and decided to close the place Kävlinge lost a very special place  And the beautiful nearly 100 year old building on the corner was left empty for many years except for a couple short take overs.

When i first moved from Möllevången with my family to Kävlinge in the summer of 2017  one of the first places i saw was this amazing looking "Restaurang Old Times and i thought to myself this will be my new local pub. After years of visiting ÖlKafé on Möllevången and PickWick Pub in the center of Malmö i needed a new local pub, but to my dismay after banging on the front door and window several times i found out that the place was closed for good!

So after a while of brainstorming i decided to have a go at opening this town hub again but bring with me a little British Pub culture and style. I think every town needs a nice meeting place where people can relax meet friends, meet new friends and generally socialise. Kävlinge has some great places already, a few pizzorias, a golf club a specialist food butik/restaurant and a couple Asian restaurants so i would like to add also a simple pub, where you can come alone or with friends and stay for 30 minutes or 3 hours, have a beer, something to eat, maybe play some pool or darts and watch a band or laugh at a comedy show. 

You are all very welcome!